How to Lose Weight fast - Weight Loss tips

How to Lose Weight fast – Simple and Scientific Tips

“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision”.

If you are wondering how to lose weight? Don’t worry friend we have got your back.

We are going to give you effective and scientifically proven weight loss tips.

NO gimmicks,  NO lie — just science-based nutrition strategies to lose weight fast and you’ll get fit into your skinny jeans.

Weight loss is all about how much calories you take and how much you burn. There are many ways in which you can lose weight but best are those which don’t harm your body.

Here are some simple, scientific and effective weight loss tips that must be followed to lose weight fast :

1. Cut Carbs from your meals

Well, a lot of people get confused between a low-carb diet and a low-fat diet. A study reported that a low-carb diet is far more effective than a low-fat diet in weight loss.

Having a low-carb diet the hunger level goes down and you end up eating fewer calories. The body starts burning stored fat for energy instead of burning energy from carbs. Another benefit of cutting carb is that it lowers the insulin level which results in shedding the excess sodium and water from the body.

Simply, cutting carbs help in losing weight fast.

2. Eat your H2O

If I tell you that drinking water can help in weight loss, would you believe it?

You have to and that’s true.

A study shows that, you can lose 44% more weight just by drinking a half liter (17 ounces) of water before you take meals when compared to those who don’t drink it before their meals (source).

Drinking water helps you burn off a few more calories as it increases metabolism and it is one of the important weight loss tips suggested by all.

3. Eat Protein, Fat, Veggies, and Fruits

Ever wondered what to eat and what not? It’s always confusing when you wanna lose weight.

Simply you must prepare your meal in such a way that should include a protein source, fat source, and low carb vegetables. Try eating two to three meals a day. If hungry then only, add a fourth meal. This will bring your carb intake down to around 20–50 grams per day. Also, I will suggest you take isolate whey protein, It will help you in recovery after exercise. Isolate whey is best for those who don’t want to gain weight.

Fruits also help in weight loss as they contain few calories but rich in fiber. Their high water content won’t let you feel hungry.

Researches show that people who eat vegetables and fruits weigh less.

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4. Skip sugary beverages

If you are serious enough lose weight fast then cut back on sugars.

Consumption of sugar is way too much.

Studies show that obesity, type 2 diabetes are caused because of the high intake of sugars.

So keep a track on your intake of juice, soda, coffee(not sweetened) and tea, and alcoholic beverages. If you won’t then weight loss will be a dream only as consumption of these will make you intake at least 800 calories.

5. Lift weights (at least thrice a weak)

The most common side effect of losing weight is the slowing down of metabolism.

By lifting weights, you will burn lots of calories and it will prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Try going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week to lift weights and if not possible to lift the weight then cardio workout like walking, jogging, cycling, running, or swimming can also help in losing weight fast. Resisting training is also the best option and one of the weight loss tips.

Below are some useful supplement that you can take during workout and it will help you to lose weight.

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6. Sleep

Researches show you that getting less than the desired amount of sleep can slow down your metabolism. It is also the strongest factor that causes obesity (89% in children and 44% in adults).

Sleep is highly underrated but it is one of the most important factors if you wanna lose weight fast.

Some Ultimate Weight loss tips to remember in order to lose weight faster:

  • Build a better breakfast – try to eat 400-500 calories in your breakfast(high protein  + fat + fiber) which reduces your cravings and calorie intake throughout a day.
  • Drink black coffee – caffeine helps in boosting your metabolism.
  • Drink green tea – contains powerful anti-oxidant called catechins that work with caffeine to burn fat faster.
  • Eat soluble fiber – glucomannan is a fiber supplement that helps in weight loss.
  • Know your salt limits – excessive salt consumption leads to weight gain by causing the body to retain water.
  • Log what you eat – researches suggest, those who keep track of what they eat are more likely to lose weight faster.
  • Never skip a meal – skipping any meal can slow down your metabolism.
  • Avoid fads –  Desperation can make you try anything — from “clean eating” to cutting out food groups.
  • Eat slowly – Eating slowly is a habit that makes you feel full and boosts weight-reducing hormones.
  • Weigh yourself every day – Weighing yourself daily will surely encourage you to lose weight faster and research also suggests that people who weigh daily are more likely to lose weight.

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EndNote –

Being fit is a trend nowadays and those who are overweight or obese find it difficult to lose weight as the weight loss industry is full of myths. People do crazy things that have no scientific evidence and end up losing nothing. Some people lose weight fast just because of their metabolism and other factors like physical activity and their body composition. However, we all are unique in our own way but the weight loss tips we have to give you are going to work for sure.

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