How to get glowing skin - 10 Best & Simple Skincare tips

How to get glowing skin – 10 Best & Simple Skincare tips

“Beautiful and glowing skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

Pimples, dark spots, rashes, dark circles, and the list goes on and on. These are some of the horror words that can give you nightmares as far as skincare is concerned. Aren’t they?

Here’s a fact, out of all the mess teenagers go through these days, how to get glowing skin is possibly the one which takes their anxiety to a whole new level. And, why not? Getting a crystal clear glowing skin is no less than a dream for almost every one of us out here. Isn’t it? 

And if you’re also among the ones who are constantly seeking for some sure shot skincare tips on how to get glowing skin, then, believe me, your search is finally over and you have landed on the right page.

And the power of getting a glowing skin lies in your hands. Not the way you’re thinking about. LOL.

By that I mean, you can have all the tips for getting an ever-glowing skin on your fingertips.

So let’s begin to explore 10 best & simple skin care tips and their importance.

1. Hydrate, at a high rate

Water, water, and water is all you need to make your skin better. Yes, the most common and possibly the easiest as well as an essential way to get your skin glowing forever. You cannot even imagine a successful skincare routine if you aren’t hydrated enough.

So the other most important thing that you need to keep with yourself apart from your mobile phone is a sexy water bottle.

If you don’t do so, your chances of getting a glowing skin are pretty low.

2. All’s well if you sleep well

If we get a sleep of around 7-8 hours on a regular basis, our skin never betrays us. Alike a human being gets disturbed when he does not gets proper sleep, the same goes with your skin as well.

Lower the amount of sleep you get, the higher are chances of your skin getting deteriorated. It’s called beauty sleep since the beauty of your skin is directly proportional to enough amount of sleep you’re getting.

If you aren’t taking proper sleep, the damage to your skin would be too deep.

3. Done with the Sun?

Whether be it a bright sunny day or cloudy one, remember this for life, do not step out of your house without having sunscreen applied on your skin. I repeat, never. Because you cannot really avoid your skin from getting exposed to the sun.

Your skincare regime is imperfect if it doesn’t consist of a sunscreen with SPF. There’s a reason why sunscreens were invented, i.e. it helps you to block both the UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re ignorantly exposing your skin to the sun, then the damages to your skin can’t be undone.

4. When nothing goes right, go to Ayurveda

What sets Ayurveda apart from any other form of medication is if it doesn’t do you good, it won’t harm you either. And that’s the beauty of Ayurveda. Because Ayurveda isn’t really a form of medication, its a lifestyle. 

Opting for Ayurveda beauty products is possibly the best move you will ever make as far as your skincare regime is concerned. With no extra added harmful chemicals, Ayurveda is undoubtedly the king of all the beauty products.

Better late than never, Ayurveda forever.

5. Exfoliate, is it appropriate?

A top-secret to get glowing skin is regularly exfoliating. For every dermatologist, you’ve visited or you might visit, exfoliation would surely be part of his skincare tips. This is because it is crucial for you to get rid of the dead skin cells which will further give life to the skin underneath.

If done twice or thrice a week, it will ensure that you are combatting the dead cells perfectly. In fact, in my opinion, this should essentially be a part of your skincare regime.

Don’t let your skin be in the worst state, just exfoliate.

6. Take care of your Food, else you’re screwed

Being a foody myself, it’s almost impossible for me to get a hold of my cravings. Though I realized it a bit earlier that my cravings aren’t really doing anything good to my skin. In fact, it started to have side effects due to it.

Be very careful of what you are serving yourself on the plate. A habit of eating fresh and seasonal fruits is ideal to have. A vitamin, as well as an antioxidant-rich diet, is all you need to get a forever glowing skin.

If you don’t take care of your food, how would your skin be good?

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7. Gosh!! Just Wash  

Probably the most obvious point of any skincare routine. Washing your face at least twice in a day is as important as breathing. And if you aren’t doing that, what the hell would you do by saving so much water. LOL. 

Washing your face before going to sleep is required to eradicate clogged pores, dirt, oil, etc. that gets coagulated on your face throughout the day.

Wash your face and treat it with some grace.

8. Know your skin inside out

Imagine a situation where a doctor just starts treating you without even knowing about the disease you are suffering from. It sounds scary, isn’t it? This is what you do when you just out of nowhere start using skincare products without even having a slightest of an idea about the type of skin you have got.

All you need to do is put some effort to identify the kind of skin you’ve got, whether be it dry or oily. Only when you’re done with that, you can move ahead with the products you choose for your skin.

If you don’t know your skin type, it will always be unripe.

9. Moisturize, don’t you realize?

Apart from the cream that you regularly apply to your face, don’t miss out to moisturize. This is due to the fact that your skin gets pretty dry throughout the coarse of the day. Get your skin moisturized at least once in a day with a decent moisturizer hardly takes a few seconds. So, why not?

If you don’t moisturize, your skin pays the price. 

10. Exercise, a doctor’s advice

One of the key factors in getting glowing skin is proper blood circulation. And how do you get it? The answer is simple, by doing yoga or any kind of exercise for at least an hour or so daily. Additionally, it will also enhance the cleansing process of your skin.

The glow on your face once you are regular to exercising will be unbelievable and you’ll notice it yourself. Do remember to take care of the skincare before and after the workout.

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Below are some healthy skin care products that will help you to get over from Stretch marks and Dark circle.

Wrapping it up

Twinkle twinkle little star, the dream of getting glowing skin is not so far. Yes, it isn’t. These 10 little tips are more than enough for you or rather for anyone to get their skin glowing. Just make it a habit and I bet anyone out there, nothing can stop your skin from glowing forever.

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