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12 Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults

“A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.”

We are a generation who’ve always got enough time for things that are probably least important to us and absolutely no time for the things that are crucial for us.

If I ask you about the amount of time you spend on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, almost every one of us would be clueless and would have no idea about health tips of any sort.

Though we are always seeking for healthy lifestyle tips every now then, we hardly put any efforts to follow those. We often hear stuff about that this is an era where people of all age groups are vulnerable to each and every disease there is to be. And this is the harsh reality of this generation. 

But not anymore. We have done the hard work for you. All you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned below. You’ll realize that landing on this page was possibly one of the best things that happened to you. So stay tuned!!

12 Healthy Lifestyle tips

1. Be H2O-holic

One of the most essential things to do if you aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to drink a lot of water. By that I mean, a person should at least drink 2 liters of water in a span of 24 hours. Though this is one of the most common health tips and yet among the most ignored ones as well.

As it happens always, the thing that is easiest to do and is easily available is often overlooked. To everyone out there, do drink a lot of water, and don’t forget to have a cup of it before taking up meals.

I will suggest you use copper bottle. Water stored overnight in copper Utensil is essential for bone strength, haemoglobin, synthesis, and immunity building.

2. Be Wise, Exercise

Even in this era where gyming is a trend, if you aren’t working out or exercising regularly, you seriously need to get a life.

A generation where almost everything can be done within just a few clicks on your smartphones, exercising regularly becomes as important as breathing. 

Not just physically, exercising takes you to a whole new level mentally as well. You’ll realize that your efficiency is at its very best always.

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3. ‘Coz Coffee is your cup of Tea

If you seriously count the number of people obsessed with tea, we would have a nation that would surely rank in the top 10 in terms of population in the world. Also, there’s a misconception that coffee is not so healthier than tea. 

Nut here’s a fact, coffee is far healthier than you can ever imagine it to be. It is rich in antioxidants and makes you less prone to a lot of diseases. You can go for green coffee it’s the best way to get a healthy body.

4. Five Meals a Day and Slay…

Having meals 5 times a day is one of the not so talked about health tips and is possibly the most misunderstood one as well. Always keep this in mind, you’re what you eat. Your energy level throughout the day depends largely on three things, what you eat, when you’re eating it, and the quantity of it.  

And for having great metabolism, 5 is the magic number for you. It always keeps your metabolism and energy level balanced.

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5. Drinking sugar calories? Let it be in memories

If you’re also among the ones who carelessly consume a lot of sugary drinks, then dude, its high time that you face the reality now.

These drinks are among the highest sources of calories and the amount is so high that even your brain cannot figure out the exact calculation.

Sugary drinks do harm you in every way possible, be it obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or anything else and I cannot think of a single point on why you should have these drinks.

Even a small glass of soda contains so many calories that a normal human being consumes in 3-4 days. You can imagine the damage it is doing to you by that.

6. Go with Unsaturated Fat, coz Saturated is bad

Excess eating of something good is also injurious to your health. All those health tips there’s ever been, it’s all about maintaining a perfect balance of each and everything that our body requires. 

The same goes for fats as well, crucial for your health, but can have adverse effects if consumed excessively. To be precise, restrict the use of saturated fats and completely eschew trans fat. For the same purpose, shift towards boiled food rather than having fried stuff.

7. Your Health at low steep? Sleep

One thing that often gets overlooked these days is getting enough sleep. You might be taking up the right diet and sweating it out in the gyms, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep, everything you’re doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather seems to be futile.

And I think that’s enough to comprehend the importance of getting proper sleep.

8. Say NO to bright light at night 

If ever a survey is being held on the percentage of people using their smartphones just before going to sleep, the results would appear to be at least 80-90 percent. Isn’t it? And to be honest, that’s a pretty scary scenario.

This is because it adversely affects the production of sleep hormone (melatonin) in a person. Either start using some sort of lenses or the better option, stop using your mobile phones or laptops at least 30-40 minutes before going to sleep.

9. No ifs and buts, eat vegetables and fruits

The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is incomplete without the proper intake of vegetables and fruits of all kinds. The 5 meals that you’re supposed to eat within a day must include either of the two at any cost. The vitamins and other nutrients you get from vegetables and fruits, you won’t get it in anything else.

10. Make it a routine, take proper Protein

Another important key factor that contributes to maintaining a perfect lifestyle is the proper intake of protein, carbs, and other essential nutrients.

It’s crucial to boost your metabolism and it automatically resists your cravings for higher calorie intake and as well as that of taking snacks at midnight. You can take 1 scoop Whey protein or a Protein bar every day.

11. End of debate, maintain your weight

The other most difficult thing to maintain apart from those Instagram and Snapchat streaks is your body weight. And we are actually more focussed on the former. LOL. There’s nothing worse than being an overweight person. It indicates that you’re among the people who are vulnerable to some of the deadliest diseases.

As I said earlier, always keep a check on what you eat and how much of it you’re eating. Never skip exercise in the day.

12. Positivity and Gratitude in your Attitude

All this healthy lifestyle-related stuff rests on this fact – “You always become what you think.” And always think positive. Period. A positive attitude indicates that you’re on the right track of achieving a perfect lifestyle.

Gratitude is always a sign of how strong you’re on the mental level. Always be grateful for what you have because the life you’re living is still a dream of millions out there.

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And here we come to the end of this article on healthy lifestyle tips. It takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a healthy lifestyle. So take a 90-day challenge and give it your everything.

Believe me, though these 90 days might be a little tough, these will be days that you’ll cherish all your life because of the simple reason that you didn’t give up.


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