hair care tips to stop hair fall and grow healthy hairs.

11 Amazing Hair Care tips – Stop Hair Fall & Grow Healthy Hair

Here we present the best hair care tips especially for you. If you want your good old days back you have finally landed on a page which guarantees to give you that just follow these 11 amazing hair care tips.

“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.”

Hairfall, a word that can be regarded as the synonym of tragedy and even thought of which can give you nightmares. That’s how much scary hair fall could be.

One of the most important things that stress out most of the teenagers or people of even higher ages these days is how well do their hairstyle looks. And why not? Hairs are a key factor that decides how you look.

But, things are not that good at the moment. A majority of teenagers out there have one problem in common, i.e. hair fall. How to stop hair fall or how to grow healthy hair are common topics of huge concern among people. People are constantly in search of some worthy and fruitful hair care tips.

But not anymore. Here’s some good news for you. Your search for a perfect package of hair care tips finally ends here. Here’s a blend of all proven hair growth tips that ensure to give you back the privilege to have a stylish hairstyle of your choice.

11 Amazing Hair Care tips are:

1. Cold Water makes your hair better

There’s a common misconception among people about washing your hair with warm water is best which is going on since I don’t how many years but needs to eradicated as soon as possible. Ideally, you should be washing your hair with cold water or lukewarm water to say the most. 

This is again because warm water can too damage your hair.

2. Is your Shampoo And Conditioner from the same family?

This is another crucial yet overlooked issue that is needed to be acknowledged by each of us with the utmost importance. Your shampoo and conditioner should be from the same company as it would have the same chemical formulation. This helps in yielding the best results for our hair.

3. With Wet Hair don’t even dare

You are most vulnerable to losing hair when they are wet. You need to be extra cautious when you’re handling your hair when they are wet. This is because wet hair’s shaft and roots are easily damageable. These are your hair and it’s your responsibility to handle them with care. 

Though being harsh to your hair while shampooing them might make you think that you’re shampooing them pretty well, but the fact is, you’re forcibly leading them to breakage. The other thing that you’re possibly doing wrong is brushing your hair straight away.

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4. Don’t want to suffer, use a satin pillow cover

There’s a reason why sleeping well is considered as one of the key factors in deciding your well being in every way possible. If you want your hair to last long and keen to know how to stop your hair fall, here’s a tip. Sleep well and that too with a pillow that has a cover made up of satin. The friction from this cover will stop your hair from falling.

5. Tension just got lighter, use a towel with microfibre

You cannot treat your hair in a more worst way than using a towel that isn’t of microfibre at least. It’s like sending an invitation to them for breakage. Since your hair gets stuck in the woven fibers and there’s a common practice of wrapping your hair too tightly especially among women, it is advisable to use a super-thin fiber towel instead.

6. If you use bleach, its a glitch

Let me be a bit straightforward this time: if you’re using bleach to treat your hair, stop doing it right away. This is due to the reason that bleach directly targets the cuticle of your hair which can further ruin your hair. A study revealed that if your hair is being bleached or treated with any other chemical then you’re surely leading the race of going bald soon. So, here’s an advice, if you do not have any plans of going bald pretty soon, then please leave the idea of bleach aside.

7. Clarifying Shampoo will get you through

Similarly to a normal human being, even our hairs require a sort of refreshment every once in a while. And using a clarifying shampoo is pretty good for the same. It’s like pampering our own hair. This is also important so as to save our shampoos and conditioners from losing their effectiveness.

8. Always pamper your scalp with oil

There can’t be any hair care tips that don’t include oiling the scalp regularly. It’s possibly the oldest and the most prominent remedy to treat your hair. Also, there’s no bar to limit the frequency of oiling your scalp apart from doing it daily. Serve your scalp with oil quite frequently followed by washing off with shampoo but do not do it excessively as if anything is overdone, it becomes harmful to us.

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9. Too many Products is a bad conduct

Experimenting with different products might sound cool elsewhere, but not to your hair. It’s like putting your hair into a war with no way out. Apart from a few products such as shampoo, conditioner, and serum, there’s no point in using other products. These products are more than enough to treat your hair.

10. Be mean and choose vitamin

This is possibly one of the most misunderstood healthy hair care tips among millennials these days. Treating your hair with supplements is like tossing a coin in the air i.e. always with uncertainty about what the result would be. Do not go for them blatantly without consulting with a doctor. If not done, it might damage your hair in a way that can’t be undone.

11. Tring, tring!! Hello, did you have your hair trim?

Should I get my hair trimmed more frequently? This is possibly one of the longest ongoing debate as far as the hair care tips are concerned. And not your surprise, there have been divided opinions about it among the experts all across the world. But the majority of them are in favor of the motion of getting your hair trimmed more frequently than usual.

If not followed the same, the split ends could cause some serious damage to your hair in the future.

The Final Touch…

So, here’s a thing, you cannot get your dream of healthy hair fulfilled overnight. It’s a pretty long process but if you dedicate yourself to treating your hair with grace, you’ll win this race of having healthy hair forever. So, put the medal on the pedal and start pampering your hair flawlessly. Always remember one thing, if this is not done properly there’s no coming back then.

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